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Touring Theatre to the East of England and beyond

Tiered Seating Hire Covering East Anglia, Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk

No Tears Tiered Seating!

Our mobile tiered seating is available for hire.

With a row rise of 30cm (1ft) - to provide maximum viewing potential - this very flexible, comfortable and safe system complies with all recent European regulations. User-friendly and easily demountable, the aluminium-based, upholstered seating can help transform any space into a conference centre, sports auditorium, theatre or festival centre.

The picture above shows a fairly typical build of 174 seats in Woodbridge Community Centre. Up to 320 flip-up seats are available for indoor or outdoor use. Rates of hire are very competitive with discounts for arts and community use.

How many people and how long does it take to put up?

On our tours a crew of 6 could assemble 120 seats in less than 2 hours and dismantle the build in under an hour.

What configurations are available and how much room does it need?

Up to 13 rows deep and 30 seats wide (though not at the same time). Minimum no. of rows is 4. With a 30cm rise a person standing at the top of a 10-row set-up will be around 3m off the ground. Seat width is a generous 500mm so a 13-seat row plus aisle (2 seats) will be 7.5m wide. Row depth is 762mm. (10 rows requires 8m). The system is erected in component bays of 3 seats width (1500mm). Aisles can be central or either side of the seating according to spec. A lower rise is available for the first four rows for venues with low ceilings.

How heavy is it?

Individual elements of the assembly can be carried by one person and are transportable up stairs and through single doors etc.

Can you deliver and assemble it?

Delivery and assembly supervision comes as part of the basic package. You will need to find a crew (usually 4 able bodies) If Eastern Angles provides a crew there will be an additional charge for their time, incl. travel.

For more details, contact Steve Cooney on 01473 218202 or send an email to Steve Cooney