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Touring Theatre to the East of England and beyond

DIAL M FOR MURGATROYD: Actor Finlay's Casebook

Friday 07 December 2012

Well here we are.  Was it only seven weeks ago that my agent rang with the news that Eastern Angles would like me to play Lady Fitzall in their Christmas show? And now already we are at the end of our first full week of shows. What a whirlwind adventure it has been. Packing up and leaving London, (losing car to MOT and having to quickly buy another from a rather dodgy car dealer), arriving in Ipswich and settling into digs, meeting everyone and starting rehearsals.

I think my fellow cast members will agree with me when I say that Mrs G's Pantry saved us during the rehearsal process.  With a large script to learn, songs to memorise, props to consider and numerous costume changes, (I alone have ten - yes ten) ,sometimes a bakewell tart is the only option to see you through. Or a sprinkle cake. Oh I don't know...maybe some tiffin? Evidently, some tough decisions needed to be made. Rehearsals were full of laughs, although by the end of week three we were ready to sample an audience's reactions...(hoping that we weren't alone in finding it all rather hilarious).

The staff at Eastern Angles are all lovely and stage manager Penny is an absolute superstar. Not only does she make the props, set up the show and maintain costumes but also runs the lighting and sound...whatever your wish Fairy Godmother Penny can grant it before you even ask!  And big thanks to Jon for the mulled punch in the interval (highly recommended with a mince pie).

And so here we are, open and running with some great reviews too. Violet Fitzall may be sounding rather like Felicity Kendall this week due to a sore throat. But apparently, according to the gentlemen, that's no bad thing...


Emma Finaly, Actor